Live An Active Life And Improve Your Health

Living a healthy life, as important as it is, can be very difficult. It requires self-discipline and motivation since the world surrounds us with a lot of temptations. It is way easier to just sit on a couch, grab some chips and watch TV than to go to a gym and sweat yourself off. However, there are ways to make an active lifestyle easier. This site will provide some tips on how to take care of your health and live a healthy and active life. The following will provide some of the factors to consider when you are going to start exercising.


The frequency is the number of days you do exercise during the week. A person who is physically fit can exercise 5 days a week. However, for starters, limit yourself to 3 days a week for about 2 or 3 weeks. After that time your muscles and your heart will get stronger, and you can do it more often. You will need rest days to recuperate and return the next day to exercise. As soon as you exercise more often, you will acquire the habit of exercising, and it will significantly improve your health.


Intensity is the level of effort you do during exercise. You must start with a mild activity and gradually increase it until moderate activity. High-intensity exercise is not recommended at first because it demands a lot of strength and endurance of your heart. How do you know if you’re exercising mildly to moderate? You will know if you are in this range of physical activity if you can hold a conversation with someone without losing air. If you feel dizzy, breathe slowly, or you have a headache, it’s time to stop. Your body is working hard, and it is not good for you when you just start.

Physical activity

You can choose any physical activity that you like; it is essential to be able to motivate yourself by doing physical activity that you enjoy. You can start the physical activity by walking 30 min, invite a friend or take your pet for a walk and enjoy the moment.

Other physical activities you can start are swimming, cycling, running, dancing. If you work in an office and your schedule is tight, do not worry! You can start with small changes that require you to move a little more and be active, for example, park your car further away from the office, so you will force a walk or use the stairs instead of taking the elevator.

Consult a doctor or a physical trainer first, if you want to go to a gym. Base your goals on the initial diagnosis.

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